I needed an updated bio for our new website, and I knew Cheryl was just the person to help me. I struggle when asked about my accomplishments and talents, but Cheryl easily drew out the very best in me and put it all on paper.  She knew just what I was looking for and who I wanted to target.  Mission accomplished!

-Jeffrey Neve, Jeffrey Neve Interior Design

I am a fashion designer, so I’m a creative person, but writing is not one of my strengths. Cheryl has been a lifesaver to me, helping me with many writing projects, most importantly the website for my business, Tutu and Boo. Cheryl created a fun, lively, funky voice for my site, using language that matches my voice, the site aesthetics, and the boho style of my recycled clothing.

Anyone who has built a storefront website knows how chaotic the process can get. When I found myself in a time crunch, I would ask Cheryl to write something, and she

would get back to me so quickly it was like sending my idea through a thesaurus and having it spit right back at me, in perfect prose. I am lucky to have found such a great match for my needs. 

-Beth Barbier, Tutu and Boo

I have worked with Cheryl on several projects over the past thirteen years. In my non-profit work in South America, Cheryl reviewed drafts of grant proposals and led me through the process to submit well-defined business plans. Most recently, Cheryl has provided expert advice on my current project, Out and Around: Stories of a Not-So-Straight Journey. She has walked me through the journalistic interview process. She also taught me the latest trends in social media and blogging. She’s been instrumental in guiding me through the various avenues towards publishing a book and writing a storyline for a feature film.

Cheryl’s supportive style shaped not only my writing skills, but my self-awareness and confidence. She has so much to offer. I owe much of my professional success as a writer to Cheryl.

-Lisa Dazols, MSW, Out and Around: Stories of a Not-So-Straight Journey

Cheryl has the rare ability to take any topic and turn it into a beautiful story that will resonate with all readers. She works independently but always open to collaboration. She is an editor’s dream not only because she always meets her deadlines but also because her pieces meet all expectations in regards to our site’s style guide. She is dedicated and earnest and a positive member of our team.

-Vikki Reich, Publisher, VillageQ

Cheryl is a professional writer in every sense of the word
. She delivers exceptional content with reliability, and her essays consistently generate comments and conversation across our VillageQ platforms. Cheryl hits all the right notes with a combination of beautifully crafted personal narrative and thought-provoking, universal themes that are relatable and shareable.

​ -Deborah Goldstein, Publisher, VillageQ

I Can help You With that. 


Let me tell you a story . . . 

everyone has a story to tell. let me help you tell yours.

What's on Your To-Do List? 

And now, a word from my clients . . .  

Once upon a time, I gave someone dear to me a website for Christmas. A sole proprietor of a booming business, she knew she needed a site to represent the company she’d worked so hard to build. But who had the time to write it?

I did.

Now I write and edit copy for businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, healing arts practitioners—anyone who has so many great ideas, but not so much time.

Sound familiar?

What’s on your writing to-do list?  Web copy, fundraising letter, blog post, employee handbook, client profile, book proposal, op ed piece, email blast, artist statement, newsletter? Or maybe even that book you've carried in your head that you don't have time to write?

I can help you with that.

I write attention-grabbing, heart-connecting, action-inspiring, jump-off-the-page copy, in a voice that sounds like yours—your values, your vision, your tone, your magic.

​Prefer to do your own writing?
I coach and edit, too, guiding you through the writing process, helping you clarify your brilliant ideas and polish your prose to a diamond gleam.

What do you need to say? Who do you want to reach? What's stopping you? What will propel you forward, launching your next big idea into the world?

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