​    Remember your high school

    classmate who wrote term

    papers for cash? That's me.

    Except I ghost write blogs,

    articles, op ed pieces, and

    books. And the principal has

    no jurisdiction here. 

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Photo Credit: Redwood Writers, Kian Dumesnil-Vickers, Chris Ereneta

 Hey! Welcome!

 Sorry I couldn't be here to meet you in

 person. I left you some notes. (See below.)

 Hope to talk to you soon! -Cheryl

everyone has a story to tell. let me help you tell yours.



     Getting started on a new

     memoir? Got a stack of poems

     in need of an editor? Want to

     take your writing to the

     next level without spending

     $40K on an MFA? Yes, I can 

     help you with that.

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    What have I written, you

    ask? Books. And poems. And

    essays. And news articles.

    Look! I picked some for you,

    from the gravel alongside the

    Internet Superhighway. I

    arranged them in this vase. 

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